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Our Farm

Red Barn Hemp was born from a family farm. Located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, our family has been farming for three generations. We love what we do and take immense pride in the satisfaction hard work brings.

Our Story

Our purpose is family — ours, and yours.

At the age of 90 our Grandpa was given a fatal diagnosis of cancer and sent home with a bag of medications. Our hopes to spend quality time with him during his last days were dampened by the knowledge that while his medication would help with pain management, it would also keep him bed-ridden. Our family searched for an option that would allow our Grandpa to not only live the rest of his days free from pain, but also to spend his last days doing what he loved: being an active member of our family farm.

Much to our surprise, CBD was our ideal solution! It gave us 42 great days with Grandpa Ross before he passed and gave him the chance to enjoy the last of his days completely cognizant. He was able to enjoy quality time with his children, grandchildren, and the hundreds of people who loved to visit our home. Our last month with him was a gift from the incredible properties of hemp — a gift we want to share with any family or individual who may find themselves in a situation where they are trying to find a new option.

Our Family

Our grandparents, Ross & Dorothy married and bought the farm in 1950. The following years brought 6 children, which led to over 24 grandchildren. While Ross and Dorothy are no longer with us, the family is continuing to work towards the same goal: to make our family proud with a sustainable farming business. With this goal in mind and our grandparents in our hearts we started Red Barn Hemp in hopes of sharing with others the same joy and peace CBD gave us during our grandpa’s last days. As a family we each play our own part in Red Barn Hemp from working the land to product development and sales.

Our Process

As third generation farmers, we approach growing hemp from an agricultural standpoint. We start with preparing the soil and making sure the conditions to grow are just right. From there we plant and nurture the seeds, ensuring they are well-fed and watered. Drip lines are laid in the field to minimize water use and help naturally control weeds in the aisles. We raise every plant in a sustainable manner, without the use of pesticides.

After the plants are harvested and dried, also on location at the farm, CO2 extractors are used to press the oil we use in our products. Red Barn Hemp uses a whole plant extraction process, which preserves the whole spectrum of CBDs within the plant. Every lot is then tested to ensure that only the best oil is used in our products and presented to our customers. All our products are made with hemp grown and processed in our own backyard.